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Can I use my own DHCP?

We are able to configure our router for ‘bridge-mode’. This will make our router transparent to the service we provide however due to this there are a couple of requirements which will need to be agreed to and provided. This is to ensure that we can continue to provide a high-quality service to all our customers. Bridge-mode can only be enabled by the Grain Support team and must be requested in writing. We do not have the ability to provide service without our router installed and connected. Please note, enabling ‘bridge-mode’ does not provide your router with a public IPv4 address and your router will receive an IPv4 address within our CG-NAT ranges. In order for us to configure our router for bridge mode we have the following information and requirements:

1) Once set in Bridge Mode, WiFi and Ethernet interfaces LAN2, LAN3, and LAN4 will be disabled. The only interface which will be enabled is LAN1.
2) You can only connect a single router to our equipment. You must provide us with the designated MAC address of the WAN interface of the device which you choose to connect.
3) You will need to configure the WAN interface on your router for DHCP.
4) You will need to configure your router in NAT mode between the LAN and WAN.
5) If in the future you need to change your router you will need to contact us for us to update your MAC address to ensure continued connectivity.


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