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How do I connect my phone?

Step 1: Sign Up – If you have decided to take one of our phone packages, you will be able to connect your normal phone to our network. Speak to our team who can set your line up. (Remember – not all our packages come with a phone line)
Step 2: Registration – Once registered you will receive an email saying your phone number is ready. Note it may take up to 2 working days for this to register.
Step 3: Getting Connected – You simply need to connect the phone directly into the following slot in the bottom of your router:

This may require an adaptor. There should be one of these already attached to your router but get in touch if you need another.

Note – We always recommend connecting your phone to the router initially to test it works. This avoids the possibility of faulty cabling throughout your home.

Once tested you can use the sockets throughout your home, but you MUST ensure that these are connected back to the correct slots in the router. This may require connecting a cable from the router to a wall socket to ensure the rest of the sockets are live.