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How do I set up my Total Home wi-fi extender?

Once you’ve got your Total Home wi-fi extender, you’ll need to set it up. Follow these simple steps and set your extender up, then enjoy a speedy connection throughout your home. 

How to set up your Total Home wi-fi extender

  1. When you first power up the access point, make sure it is connected through the wire in the wi-fi extender, directly into the router.
  2. Next, unplug the wire that connects the wi-fi extender and the router but keep them both switched on.
  3. Double press the wi-fi button on the wi-fi extender above the light and it will show a blue/green light.
  4. Now, unplug the wi-fi extender and move it into a different location in the home. Once it’s powered on, the lights will flash, then go solid white for approx. 1 minute and then turn off.
  5. Double press the wi-fi button again, until you see a green/yellow light (blue or purple means the access point is not good in this location)
  6. After it has flashed green or yellow, the light will go off — this means that your wi-fi extender is working, and the range of your router will be extended.

Note: If there is no light on the wi-fi extender, this is good, and it means your wi-fi extender is working. To check the signal strength, just double press the wi-fi button for the green/yellow light.

Wi-fi extender: Troubleshooting

When the wi-fi extender is being placed around the house, the lights on the wi-fi extender provide an indicator of how effective the box will perform in different locations, as it moves. The light on the access point will be solid in the colour below, and we’ve explained what each one means for your wi-fi extender:

  • Blue – Signal is too strong, the access point won’t be effective here.
  • Green – Good quality of signal, this is the optimal spot for the access point.
  • Yellow – Signal is low, wi-fi connection will be stable.
  • Purple – Signal strength is weak, this position is too far away from the router.
  • White – If the light goes solid white for 1 minute and then it goes off, your access point is fully operational. 

Sometimes your wi-fi extender might need switching off and on again to pick up the new position from the router in order to display the colours outlined above.

Further support for using your wi-fi home extender & more

For more help on getting online with us, read our guide on what to do if your router has flashing lights, if you have no internet connection or get information on using your own dhcp – along with lots more helpful guides within our FAQ section.

For more information on a specific query, simply contact us and our UK based support team will be on hand to help.


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