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How do I set up my Total Home wi-fi extender?

Once you’ve received your Total Home wi-fi extender, you’ll need to set it up using the following instructions:
1. When you first power up your extender, make sure it is connected directly from the wire on the wi-fi extender, into the router.
2. Once the wi-fi extender is connected to the router, you’ll see flashing lights. Leave the wi-fi extender for a couple of minutes then, once the lights go a solid white or blue, it means your extender has copied the router information.
3. Next, unplug the wire that connects the wi-fi extender and the router but keep them both switched on.
4. Double press the wi-fi button on the extender and it will display a blue/green light.
5. Unplug the wi-fi extender and move it to where you need it to be (The prime location for an extender is halfway between your router and the problem-area in your home). Once it’s powered on, the lights will flash, then go solid white for approximatley 1 minute before turning off.
6. Double press the wi-fi button again, until you see a green/yellow light. If the light appears blue or purple this means that your extender is not in a good location. Try the router in different positions until the green light shows, and it has a good quality connection.
7. After it has flashed green or yellow, the light will go off — this means that your wi-fi extender is working, and the range of your router will be extended.
8. At this stage, the extender shouldn’t be displaying any lights but it will still be working. To check the signal strength, double press the wi-fi button for the green/yellow light.
Please note: When moving the extender, if you see a flashing yellow light, you may be too far away from the router. When changing positions, you may need to switch your extender off and on again, for it to register the new position and for the lights to turn green/yellow.

What do the lights mean?
Blue – Signal is too strong, the access point won’t be effective here.
Green – Good quality of signal, this is the optimal spot for the access point.
Yellow – Signal is low, wi-fi connection will be stable.
Purple – Signal strength is weak, this position is too far away from the router.
White – If the light goes solid white for 1 minute and then it goes off, your access point is fully operational.
Now you should be all set up and ready to enjoy fast, reliable broadband throughout your home!

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