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What can impact my wireless speeds?

Wi-Fi does not currently provide the same speed and reliability as a hard-wired connection via Ethernet cable. This is because Wi-Fi can be limited and single devices cannot always utilise the full speed, particularly with higher speed packages.

There are several factors that can affect the performance of your Wi-Fi connection. These include:
1. Number of devices – When multiple devices are connected to the network, the available Wi-Fi speeds are divided among them. So, the more devices connected, the slower the speeds may be for each device.
2. Distance from the router – As you move farther away from the router, the Wi-Fi signal weakens. Think of it like a radio playing music near the router, the volume decreases as you move around the property. Similarly, the Wi-Fi signal becomes weaker the further you are from the router.
3. Device capabilities – Older devices may not support the latest Wi-Fi standards and technologies, which can impact the speeds you experience. Upgrading to a newer device, with better Wi-Fi capabilities, can improve your connection speed.
4. Interference on the Wi-Fi channel – Wi-Fi operates on specific channels, and other devices in your vicinity (such as neighbours’ routers, printers, or streaming devices like Amazon Firesticks) may also be broadcasting on the same channel. This interference can degrade your Wi-Fi performance.
5. Device battery level – Some devices have power-saving features that restrict certain components’ operations to conserve battery life. This can affect the speed and performance of your Wi-Fi connection. Ensuring your device is adequately charged or connected to a power source may help optimise the Wi-Fi performance.

By considering these factors and taking appropriate steps, such as reducing the number of connected devices, repositioning the router, upgrading devices, selecting less crowded Wi-Fi channels, and maintaining sufficient battery levels, you can improve your overall Wi-Fi experience.

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