Housing 2018 – discussing the future of housing, technology, delivery and more

Let’s meet at Housing 2018 at the end of June to talk about Grain new build fibre solutions. As usual the program includes debates, presentations and conversations with some of the most inspiring companies, politicians and business leaders on matters such as solving the housing crisis, innovative building methods, smart technologies and many more.

According to recent statistics, UK needs more than 4 million homes to catch up with the increasing demand along with revised policies to ensure one of the biggest housing issues of our generation – affordability.

As usual, new technologies and the smart home will take centre stage. We will likely see new developments in home automation, data demand and broadband connections – very much in line with our focus.

If you’re a housebuilder, developer, utility provider or consultancy and you think we should meet, get in touch with Gergana from our Business Development team on gergana@grainconnect.com

See you there.

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