Are you sure you are getting full fibre broadband?

After being under pressure for some time to review the current standards and following a lot of deliberation during a case with a UK ISP, we are very pleased that the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has concluded that using ‘full fibre’ to describe only part fibre service is misleading.

This comes after last year the ASA only recommended minor tweaks to the current standards for advertising fibre products, claiming it is not among the most important factors to residents.

To us this seemed unjust given that fast speeds and a reliable connection come in the top 10 most important factors when moving into a new home (GoCompare 2017)

With its recent decision, as a new build fibre provider, we welcome the ASA’s ruling in favour of using full fibre to describe exactly what it stands for.

‘True fibre’ ‘full fibre’ and ‘pure fibre’ all refer to service delivered via fibre optic cables all the way to the router in each home.

Full fibre can not only deliver the gigabit speeds customers are now accustomed to seeing advertised everywhere but easily reach multi-gigabit capability when the market demands it.

Much of the issues homeowners face with their service, both in new build and older existing properties, stem from the fact their connection is only part fibre at best. In other words, their broadband is delivered via copper cables which have a much lower bandwidth, incapable of delivering faster speeds and unreliable at peak times.

The hard work will now begin, there will be a need to undo what has been ingrained in customers’ minds. It will be important to educate consumers on what true fibre actually is so that they can make informed decisions when purchasing their service, it will also mean they can understand exactly what they are getting when purchasing a new home.

Our team at Grain have been leading the way. We deliver full fibre all the way to each customer’s router ensuring their connection is live on day 1, reliable and uncontended.

Fast broadband connections will only continue to climb the ranks with more and more people working from home, smart devices connected in the home and streaming services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer that all take up valuable bandwidth.

The tide is changing and customer demand is driving the pace of this shift. We are seeing more and more housebuilders turning away from part fibre products to install a pure fibre infrastructure which futureproofs customers’ homes.

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