Fun Facts Friday round up about Telecoms

A lot is being written and said about broadband and telecoms in general daily. For those who work in telecoms and immediately affected sectors, such as infrastructure and housing, it is always a hot topic, well conversed and debated. Usually good telecommunication services are also a prerequisite to a fast paced economic and social advancement.

For people outside this ‘world’ dominated by discussions about fibre, copper, 5G, smart homes, data demand and so on, is a simpler, more light-hearted layer, fun facts even, about telecoms worth sharing. So here are a few stats and facts that stand out.

According to Ofcom 2018 report, 70% of households’ spend on communication services is on telecoms, growing year on year. This figure is unsurprising given the general downward trend for TV, radio and postal services. Let’s compare this in simple terms – British households spend on average 19 hours a week watching TV (Finder, 2019) and 34 hours a week surfing the web (Telegraph, 2018). Either way, time flies in front of the screen.

This only strengthens the case for futureproofing the homes and commercial establishments built in the UK. They must have the right infrastructure to be viable in the future and only a full fibre connection can support the growing data demand, and new build fibre should be a priority.

We spend so much time using the Internet, but what do we do online? Sending messages and scrolling through social media it turns out (Ofcom, 2018). Mostly during our commute. Around 48% prefer to access the Internet using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, which makes this fact rather obvious (Statista, 2018).

Once again, this is making the case for solid full fibre backbone infrastructure stronger to support the roll out of 5G and with that, improve connectivity throughout. This will surely provide better connection while in transit which will probably see the average screen time on mobile increase even more.

Currently Bristol, London, Manchester and Birmingham are among UK’s smartest cities offering better fibre network throughout, radio frequency mesh network transmitted via lampposts and various solutions implemented on street level to support lowering the CO2 emissions and increase traffic efficiency (Information Age, 2018). 5G will also be launched in these areas in due course according to various news lets.

Having attended several London First round tables over the past few months, the consensus is that we will likely see a lot of new businesses spring up offering innovative solutions to make our smart cities very competitive with global powers like New York, Tokyo and Singapore.

Another fun fact, on a more global scale, is the 6,600 kilometres of fibre cables being laid between the coasts of Virginia in the USA and France to improve the Internet capacity between Europe and America. A lot of this infrastructure will be controlled and used by tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft working towards higher capacity and online security (Wired, 2018).

According to The Verge, the highest capacity undersea cable will be able to deliver 20% higher speeds than previously thought possible (The Verge, 2019). This is good news given the current data demand per household we see is continuously increasing.

To wrap this fun facts piece, here’s a run through ITU’s 2017 report on who is online and how people use the Internet in the world:

  • 70% of the youngsters (15-24 year olds) are online
  • More men than women use the Internet
  • Mobile is becoming the preferred vehicle to get online on a global scale
  • Developing countries are installing fibre from the start surpassing some developed countries in speed

Always happy to talk about telecoms, especially for residential developments. Give me or my colleagues at Grain a shout, let’s connect and discuss bringing in full fibre broadband, live on day 1 to your new residential developments in the UK = happy customers.

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