Get the best out of your broadband this Christmas

This Christmas, as friends and family come together under one roof and even more devices are using your wi-fi at one time, we’re here to make sure your connection holds up under the pressure.

Our Support team has put together their 5 top tips so you can get the best out of your broadband this Christmas.

1. More devices = More competition

If you’re brave enough to host Christmas dinner this year, remember it’s not only the family and friends that you’re inviting in – it’s their devices too.

While the wi-fi network can have many devices connected to it at once, the more devices being used at any one time means the more competition for the bandwidth that’s available. This can result in slower wi-fi speeds and a less reliable connection. It’s important to be mindful of this when your guests utter the dreaded question – “What’s your wi-fi password?”.

Not to worry though, there’s enough bandwidth for everyone to share your flaming Christmas pudding on Instagram.

2. New device updates

As many lucky people receive shiny new devices or games for Christmas, it’s important to remember that these often require a software update the first time you turn them on, or before you can play them. With millions of people requesting updates on these platforms at once, they’re likely to take a long time.

So, if you’re gifting someone a new device or game this Christmas, we recommend turning it on and completing any updates in advance, so they can get online and start using or playing it straight away!

3. Wired always wins

Hardwiring your devices using the Ethernet ports on your router, even temporarily over the Christmas period, will give you the fastest and most reliable connection possible. A hardwired connection is particularly important for higher bandwidth devices, such as TVs and games consoles. This helps counteract any interference caused by high usage during the festive period, so you can stream the Home Alone box set to your hearts content!

4. Location, location, location

If a hardwired connection isn’t possible, the location of your device is the next important factor to consider. Wi-fi signals can be affected by many things, including electrical equipment, metal, walls, doors and even desks. If possible, it’s best to position your fixed wi-fi devices in a location with as little obstruction as possible.

For the best connection:

    • avoid sitting a device underneath a desk or unit, you’ll get a better wi-fi signal by sitting it on top
    • avoid placing devices near radiators as the metal can interfere with your connection
    • avoid the floor where devices can get easily covered (especially if you have kids and teens with messy tendencies)

5. Beware of the blinking Christmas light

Though unlikely to create serious problems, Christmas lights (particularly the blinking variety) can cause an interference with the wi-fi signal in your home.

We recommend you:

    • plug your lights into a socket separate to the one used for your Grain equipment, including your router and Total Home Wi-fi extenders
    • keep your lights at least a meter away from your Grain equipment

So, while excessively decorating your home is very much allowed, if not encouraged, we’d recommend leaving them off your wi-fi devices this Christmas.

Any questions?
Please visit our Support portal here for frequently asked questions, contact details and our Live Network Status.

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