Data Privacy Day with Grain

It’s Data Privacy Day!

We’re recommending the best and easiest ways to keep your data secure online, so you can keep in control of your digital footprint!

1. Overly social media:

We understand how easy it is to become complacent on social media, as you casually (& publicly) discuss details of your personal life or post your holiday pictures while still abroad.

Why not commemorate Data Privacy Day with a social media purge?

Do this by checking your Privacy settings to make sure you’re only showing information to those you wish to see it. Better yet, by removing the old Facebook friends you don’t know or haven’t seen in years, you can minimise the risk to your privacy and data.

2. Be careful of free wi-fi in public places:

While free public wi-fi networks may seem like a convenient way to check your emails or browse social media without using up your mobile data – scroll with caution. Very few of these public networks have the same security measures in place as your secure, password protected home wi-fi.

So why not wait until you get home, or switch to mobile data, before entering any personal data?

3. Super strong passwords:

We understand how difficult it can be to remember all your passwords and keep up with the latest password requirements. Regardless, it’s important not to take the easy road and use one password for all!

Instead, why not use a Password Generator to create a complicated and un-guessable, and back up your account with a secondary login, just in case you get locked out of your account.

Alternatively, a Password Manager can save and organise your different login details. Using this tool can be a convenient time saver – particularly if you run a business! Some of the favourite (& FREE) Password Managers include LastPass, NordPass, KeePass or BitWarden.

4. Stay secure when online shopping:

Although online shopping has become a popular pastime – with no queues, cramped shops or limited opening hours – it’s important we’re mindful of our privacy for the best experience possible!

Here’s our favourite tips for staying secure when bagging bargains online:

    • Make sure the retailer’s website looks legitimate, with a lock symbol to the left-hand side of the address bar and “https” at the start of the URL.
    • If you’re shopping with a new retailer, check what previous customers are saying on Trustpilot or Google reviews.
    • If possible, add a layer of protection to your purchase by using a credit card instead of a debit card.
    • Ensure you have up to date virus protection software.


Now you know the best ways to improve your data security, we hope you take a few minutes to check you are well protected online! #DataPrivacyDay

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