Hartlepool residents can get better connected with Grain

Stop the press! This month, Uswitch revealed the best and worst connected regions for broadband providers, and we spotted one of our new areas on the list.

But it wasn’t good news for Hartlepool residents, who are currently on the list of areas with the least choice of broadband providers.

Fear no more Hartlepool, Grain’s Full Fibre broadband service is here, and you will soon be on the list for all the right reasons – including speed, reliability and price!

Uswitch claims that the North East area of Hartlepool has on average nine broadband providers, but the median broadband speed is just a paltry 55.94Mbps.

Grain is currently offering speeds up to 900Mbps on a gigabit-capable network, with prices from as little as £18.99 this month.

Grain is already delivering a service to thousands of homes across Hartlepool, with many more phases planned.

Tracy Karam, Head of Sales and Marketing at Grain said: “The Uswitch data is not surprising, but with Grain bringing Full Fibre broadband to Hartlepool, giving access to fast speeds, reliable service and great value monthly prices there is no better time to save money and upgrade your broadband.

“Grain also comes with, a dedicated full fibre line to every home so you don’t have to share your line with your neighbours, no need to pay for a phone line you don’t need, no in-contract price rises, free installation and free router.

“With benefits like this Hartlepool will soon be able to shout loud and proud about their broadband access.”

You can read the full Uswitch article on their website.

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