Level-up your online gaming experience

Level-up your online gaming experience

Gaming can really put your broadband speed and capacity to the test. To get the best possible speeds needed for gaming, and to stay connected when it matters most, there’s a few things you need to consider. Our technical support experts considered their top tips for getting the most out of your broadband for gaming.

Top 5 tips to enhance your online gaming:

  1. Make sure the speed is right for you

Nowadays, a modern household typically has multiple smart devices, a streaming service and a games console – all connected to your home broadband and fighting for bandwidth.

You may think you have enough speed for your game, but it’s important to take everyone else into account. Do you live in a big family home, or shared accommodation? While you game, what’s everyone else trying to do online?

Levelling up your broadband with an exclusively Full Fibre connection gives you speed and reliability, giving you a great gaming experience – even while the rest of your household work, stream and scroll!


  1. Important metrics to consider

You may have heard of a few different metrics for measuring speed – don’t worry, we’re here to make it easy!

    • Download speeds relate to how fast data is transferred from the internet onto your device. So, if you like to stream on Twitch or Youtube, a good download speed is essential.
    • Upload speeds are how fast you can transfer data from your device to the internet. When gaming, you are constantly transferring data to the server, whether this is with in-game actions, messages to other players on multi-player games or if you’re live-streaming; a symmetrical upload speed is a huge advantage!
    • Ping rates relate to the time it takes your device to contact a server and receive a response. Essentially, these are reaction times and depend on which server your game is using and where in the world it is. If you have a slower broadband speed, you’re likely to experience lag when gaming.

Whether online gaming for fun, or trying to turn it into a career, an equal download and upload speed is essential!


  1. Test your speeds

Test your internet connection to make sure you’re getting the download and upload speeds promised by your current provider. You can visit speedtest.net to run your speed test at any time.

Follow these simple steps to get the most accurate measurement:

    • Disable all other devices using the internet
    • Connect your device to the router using an ethernet cable
    • Run the test a few times, at different times of day

When reviewing your speed test results, it’s important to know that running a speed test through your games console can give a misleading result, as this can impacted by the chipset in your console or by the server the game sits on. Instead, we recommend hardwiring a laptop or PC. Not only that, it uses data to carry the speeds to the router, which is why we advertise our Gigafast package as 900Mb instead of 1Gb. Read more, here.


  1. Check your lights

All routers, including ours, have status lights that you can check to make sure everything is ok and you’re getting the best out of your broadband. For example, a solid red light can indicate an issue with your router and may require an engineer visit.

To find out what the lights on the Grain router mean, check out our FAQs, here.


  1. Get wired in

For the best connection, we recommend hardwiring your games console using an ethernet cable.

If hardwiring isn’t an option, try moving your console or gaming PC closer to the router to maximise your gaming experience.

Want to save money while taking the lag out of your game?

Our gaming broadband packages can withstand even the most intense battles, so leave your rivals behind and enjoy our great value, reliable connection!

Find out if we’re available at your address, enter your postcode into our postcode checker, here: www.grainconnect.com/check or give the team a call on 0330 223 2266.

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