Gigafast Gillingham: Grain broadband now live in the area!  

Gillingham- have you heard the good news?  

Gigafast speeds are now here and available for residents and businesses in the area. Thanks to Grain’s state–of–the–art infrastructure investment, we are so happy to be able to connect the community to lightning-fast speeds, unbeatable broadband connection and a powerful ability to connect multiple devices all at once. Yes, you can stream, download, upload and game under one roof… all at the same time! 

This powerful capability comes from our futureproof Full Fibre network that takes each fibre line directly to the property (FTTP). Our cutting-edge network differs from the commonly used copper infrastructure legacy system, which only takes fibre to the cabinet, relying on customers sharing a connection and speeds with their neighbours. With Grain, you get your own line, your own speeds and your own powerful and capable connection. 

In Gillingham, the average broadband user tends to experience download speeds varying between 49 Mbps and 227 Mbps*, meaning that residents can now access up to 20x faster broadband if switching to us! 

If you want to be involved in Grain’s Gigafast Gillingham movement, register your interest on our postcode checker or call 0330 223 2266 to speak to one of our Full Fibre experts. 

*Speeds gathered from 

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