Scared to switch broadband provider?

Consumers who are scared to switch their broadband provider should look no further.
We have the low down on how, why and when to switch – and make big savings too! 

A recent survey by Consumer organisation Which? revealed that 47% of broadband consumers surveyed had NEVER switched broadband provider. With inflation based annual price rises for most broadband providers hitting around 14% this year, those who fear switching could be hit in the pocket for their loyalty. 

But what is driving the loyalty? Are they happy with the service they receive, or just unclear about other providers and how to make the move without losing service? 61% of those who do switch, said in a Which? survey that they found changing provider easy to do, and 77% ended up with cheaper packages as a result. Win-win. You can read the full Which? article, here


How can you make the switch?

Talk to us today about your options. Even if you are stuck in contract, we might be able to help you escape high monthly costs, slow speeds and sneaky in contract price rises… Once you have signed up with Grain and had your installation appointment, all you need to do is contact your current provider and they will explain the process you need to follow to cancel. Easy! And no downtime too. 

When should you switch? 

With inflationary increases being announced to consumers across the country, some can leave penalty-free. When you receive a price rise notification, check your contract and you could be entitled to leave within 30 days, with no cost to you. This is especially relevant for Sky and Virgin customers, read more here. Once your fixed term contract has ended, you are free to move at anytime, and your provider should give you some notice before your contract ends. Get in touch with Grain and get your installation booked for a smooth switch from them to us. You can of course switch at anytime, but you may incur some cancellation fees if you are still in contract. Depending on the cost, it could still make financial sense to leave them and jump to a better value package with Grain. 

How much are broadband prices rising by? 

Here at Grain, we never have in-contract price rises… EVER! But other providers do. Find out how much your current provider will be increasing their prices by each year, by putting your details into our handy calculator: 

Enter your postcode above to see what great offers are available to you!


Ready to make the move to Grain? 

At Grain, we are unbeatable on price, have NO hidden costs and have a Loyalty Price Promise which kicks in at the end of your contract. Our promise is to offer you the chance to renew on the same monthly price that we advertise to new customers on your street – no haggle required. 

With a free router and free install, our super speedy broadband service will let you browse, stream, work and game without interruption. No matter how many people or devices are connected, you can up your game with Grain! 


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