Your guide to student broadband

We’ve compiled a list of our top tips for getting better broadband as a student. Take a seat, class is in session! 

Speeds to meet your needs

When finding a broadband connection for your student digs, it’s important to consider how many people will be using the wi-fi and what you’ll be using it for. It’s safer to overestimate your usage and go for a faster speed, so no-one is left lagging on a lesson or buffering at deadline time.  

Our broadband packages start at 100Mb and 300Mb, upload and download, which will help meet your basic research, social media and streaming needs. However, if you live with binge streamers, avid gamers, or have a large student house-share, you’ll need a little more. Our 500Mb and 900Mb packages come with free Total Home Wi-fi extenders as standard – find out more! 

Consider price per person

Think about price per person, over total cost. With all your flatmates on demanding courses, who each have multiple download and upload needs, choosing a faster package can really pay off. The price tag might be higher but splitting the cost means it’s much more affordable and won’t cost you in other ways – like suffering grades. 

Choosing an affordable broadband provider helps, too… Find out how you can save while you stream, surf and study, check your postcode. 

Don’t fall victim to the hidden cost trap

Before committing to a contract, it’s important to take a closer look at the fine print. Hidden costs can crop up and eat into your student loan, including line rental, admin fees, set-up costs or equipment charges.  

At Grain, we believe in fair and transparent pricing, which is why we don’t charge any hidden costs.  

  • No in-contract price rises… EVER! 
  • No line rental 
  • No install costs 
  • No equipment charges 
  • No set-up costs 
  • No admin fees 

While we supercharge your broadband, you’ll have the extra funds to socialise and enjoy student-life! 

Find the right connection for your needs

Students often consider mobile broadband as an alternative internet connection. If you’re only using the internet for emailing and occasional browsing, you may be able to scrape by. However, with most students heavily relying on the internet to meet the demands of their courses, we’re willing to bet mobile broadband won’t fit the bill.  

Cloud based classes are transforming the face of education. With a Full Fibre connection, you can have a direct line to the latest in learning technology – one that won’t run out and fail you on submission day!  

With upload speeds just as fast as our download speeds, you can interact with online lectures and collaborate on the dreaded group project in real-time, seamlessly. 

Landlord take care of the broadband?

If your landlord looks after the utilities and broadband, then now is your chance to reap the mutual benefits. While you enjoy faster, more reliable broadband, your landlord can futureproof their property with next-generation Full Fibre broadband – known to increase house values. 

On top of affordable broadband packages, the installation and expert set-up is free too. Win win!  Find out if Grain is available at your student flat or house, check your postcode.

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