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Our full fibre network connects homes across the UK, allowing families to do the things they love most – gaming, shopping, streaming & more! Find out how we compare to other providers on the market.

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    Who are Grain?

    We consider broadband an essential utility, so we make our service as reliable as water from a tap. For over ten years we have been building a super speedy fibre broadband network, with customers across the country who love and rely on our service.

    Grain full fibre allows you to get some of the UK’s fastest speeds, direct to the router in your home, with equal upload/download and a low ‘ping’ – perfect for the gamers in your life!

    Compare our prices

    Sky TalkTalk BT Grain
    Package Superfast Fibre 65 Full fibre 1 Superfast 50Mb
    Download speed 37-55Mb 33.2-54.4Mb 50Mb 50Mb
    Upload speed 8.8-13Mb 8.02-13.5Mb 10Mb 50Mb
    Additional cost £19.95 £4.95 £9.99 £0
    Contract length 18 months 18 months 24 months 18 months
    Fixed price during contract No Yes No Yes
    Monthly contract price £28.00 £25.00 £28.99 £25.00

    Prices correct as of 28th April 2021.

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