Benefits of Fibre

Simply put, fibre is a piece of glass
that can deliver broadband at the
fastest available speeds.

Find out why Grain fibre is better!

Find out if you can get Grain’s reliable & speedy service.

    3 reasons why fibre is better


    True fibre

    True fibre means fibre optic cable direct to the router in your home, with no copper line slowing you down.


    Dedicated fibre

    A dedicated fibre line to your property
    means you can enjoy a more reliable
    service, with less interference.


    No data limits

    With uncapped upload and downloads, you can do more with our full fibre broadband.

    The Grain difference

    Unlike some providers, we build our own network with a dedicated fibre line to every property; giving you a faster, more reliable broadband service!

    There are two kinds of fibre connection; fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premises (FTTP). Here at Grain we only install FTTP, with a dedicated fibre line direct to the router in your property. There are many reasons why FTTP is better, but here’s just a few of them. 


    With FTTC you have fibre to the cabinet on your street, meaning your speed is still limited by the copper phone line between the cabinet and your home. Compared to fibre optic cables, copper cables are much slower. Not only that, the further you live from the cabinet the worse your speeds become. 


    Only FTTP is a true full fibre connection directly to your home or office. A huge benefit of having FTTP full fibre is that it is immune to interference. With a unique cable to your home, your connection is secure and the distance to the cabinet is irrelevant. 

    Here at Grain we only connect customers to our true full fibre connection, direct to the home (FTTP). With full control over our network, our customers are unaffected by peak times or the online activity of their neighbours. We’re working hard to meet the increasing demand for FTTP, as a result of the very connected lives we live today.


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