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Martin Lewis gives consumers the lowdown on price rises

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12th January 2023

Did you catch The Martin Lewis Money Show?

Here’s what you missed…

A hot topic on the ever-popular Money Saving Expert show this week was right up our street – all things broadband!

Martin Lewis, well known for being in-the-know when it comes to the best offers and deals for consumers, raised some key issues that broadband customers are facing because of certain big-name providers.

Here’s a quick recap of this week’s episode:

  • Many providers allow for mid-contract price increases, which are CPI/RPI+4%. If they enact them, customers can expect to experience up to 15% price rises this Spring (Grain is not included you will be pleased to hear. We don’t do in-contract prices rises – ever!).
  • Over 7 million people in the UK are not currently in fixed-term broadband contracts, meaning there’s opportunity for these people to switch provider and save up to half price on their broadband (With our current January sale offers here at Grain, you would be crazy not to!)
  • Do your own research, check your postcode on some broadband provider websites and compare all the options available in your area.
  • Many big providers make deals available to existing customers at renewal time, but without some of the incentives available for new customers, meaning you need to haggle to save or need to switch provider altogether.

Much like food and energy bills, the Money Saving Expert warns that broadband bills are expected to rise, but we’re here to reassure you that not all Internet Service Providers are the same. Go with Grain for a better choice for UK broadband.

Why choose Grain?

  • All of our packages come with a fixed price contract term, meaning you are only ever charged what you agreed to pay at the start – with no inflationary price rises during your contract.
  • Once your Grain contract ends, we give you access to more great prices and our most competitive deals at your renewal time.
  • We are committed to being transparent and fair with our pricing, meaning you don’t need to haggle for the best deal at the end of your contract, we’ll offer you the best deal available to you, regardless!

Unbundling your broadband

A member of the audience on the TV show shared his concerns around getting a better deal, as his broadband, TV and phone are all bundled together with the same provider.

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry – gone are the days when expensive broadband and entertainment bundles were the only option. Today, our customers can enjoy great value broadband and separately pay for Pay as you Go TV, like Freeview or Freesat, or monthly streaming subscriptions, like Netflix or Amazon Prime, saving £££s!

Not to mention, many of the channels included in your current entertainment package can be accessed for free – all you need is a login. Find out more here.

Get more peace of mind with Grain

Fast, reliable and affordable broadband is essential to meet the needs of the customer in an increasingly digital world, which is why we are proud to provide just that.

Our great value packages come with fixed price contract terms, and competitive deals, giving our customers that much needed peace of mind that renewal pricing will be fair, with no-haggle required.

Find out if Grain is available at your address, by entering your postcode on our website: grainconnect.com/check


Watch the full episode of Money Saving Expert, here: https://gcdd.co.uk/Fk9e2n

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