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Did you hear?

Many UK broadband providers are increasing their prices in line with inflation again this year.

You may think being in the middle of your contract will keep you safe from these price hikes. Unfortunately, unless you’re in a fixed term contract (like ours!), your broadband bill could be rising by as much as 8.8%!

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What are the price rises based on?

Many UK broadband providers (not us!) have announced their price rise rates for 2024. These are based on the inflation rates that are announced at the beginning of each year (CPI or RPI), plus any additional price rises already written into the individual company terms and conditions.

These price rises are up to 8.8% this year!

How do I find out if my broadband bill is rising?

If you’re a Grain customer, you’re safe – we never increase our prices during your contract term.

If you’re stuck in a contract with another provider, we recommend getting in touch with them directly to find out and avoid a nasty surprise on your monthly bill!

Can I escape the price rise from my provider?

If the possibility of a price rise is written into your contract, then unfortunately it’s unlikely you’ve been able to escape them this time round. BUT, when you come to the end of your contract, you can escape future price rises by ditching your current provider and joining Grain!

We promise never to increase your price in-contract… EVER! Meaning you can enjoy the same amazing offer for the duration of your contract. Done deal.

What if I'm a Grain customer?

If you’re a Grain customer – relax! The deal you’re currently on won’t change for the duration of your contract.

PLUS, once the time comes to renew, we have a Price Match Guarantee to make sure you get the best possible deal!

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Inflation rates correct as of 21/02/2024, source: Uswitch

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