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Our Static IPs are an optional extra you can add to your package, to help better meet your broadband needs

Want a Static IP?

Residential customers can add a Static IP to any broadband package for just £4.99 per month, dependent on availability.

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What is a Static IP address?

A Static IP (Internet Protocol) address is a fixed, unchanging numerical label assigned to a device on a network, it’s like having a permanent home address for your computer or device on the internet. It never changes unless you decide to change it manually. Take a look at some of the benefits…

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Remote Access

For remote access to devices or networks, like accessing home CCTV or connecting to an office network, static IP addresses make it easier to locate and connect to the target device

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Improved Security

Static IPs can enhance security by allowing you to set up more specific firewall rules and access controls. You can restrict or allow access to specific IP addresses

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Online Hosting

If you want to host a personal website, game server, or any online service from your home, a static IP address ensures that your services are always accessible at the same address

Do I need an IP address?

Simply put, no. Standard residential properties do not require a Static IP for broadband. But if you want one, we have them available. IP addresses are mainly used by businesses, who require a connection between the internet and remote workers, or by keen gamers, who want an IP address to host a server. Don't worry, your broadband will work without one!

Are you a business customer?

Lucky you! You may be able to get a public IPv4 included with your business broadband package.

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