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Great news – you were wondering about switching broadband providers and you found us. It’s clearly fate! Joining Grain from another provider couldn’t be easier – its fast, fuss-free AND free of sneaky hidden costs! With our fast and reliable Full Fibre broadband, there has never been a better time to make the switch to Grain. Our network is completely independent, so there is no need to co-ordinate a switch over, and you can have Grain and another provider running alongside each other to ensure you are never without service while your new contract gets started.

Switching to Grain is easy!

Follow these steps to switch over to Grain, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Check availability
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Enter your postcode in our handy checker and find out the status of our installation on your street. We cover hundreds of locations up and down the country!

Get signed up
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Sign up or pre-order to reserve this great value offer, with any of the optional extras you need, and pay nothing until we are live and connected in your home!

Cancel & go
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As soon as we are installed and set up in your home, cancel with your current provider and start feeling the benefit of Full Fibre speed AND great value packages.

Did you know?

According to consumer champion Which? more than 40% of people have NEVER switched provider – losing out on £££s in savings AND a better service!

Let us reassure you


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Save £££s

Great value broadband is what we are about! We give our customers fast, reliable broadband for super low prices at a fixed rate. You can enjoy lighting fast speeds while you save money at the same time.

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Full Fibre

Grain’s fibre optic network uses Point-to-Point (PTP) architecture, providing each household with its own dedicated fibre cable. This ensures faster and more reliable broadband with symmetrical download and upload speeds, enabling seamless data transfer and a consistent internet connection with minimal downtime or disruptions.

Full Fibre Broadband


Gone are the days when expensive broadband and entertainment bundles were the only option. Today, our customers can enjoy great value broadband with Pay as you Go TV or monthly streaming subscriptions. Enjoy entertainment tailored to your taste, with more control over the content you get, no fixed contracts and a lower cost – what’s not to love?

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Gigafast speeds

With speeds up to 900Mb over a 1Gb line, you can enjoy our fastest speeds whilst you stream, game or work from home.

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No in contract price rises

Here at Grain, we do things differently. We believe you should get faster, more reliable broadband at great value prices, PLUS added peace of mind. Once you go with Grain, we promise never to increase your prices during your contract… EVER!

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FREE router

When you sign up with us, you'll get a brand new free router with no hidden fees or upfront costs to worry about.

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FREE standard install

You will also get a completely free install and expert setup, likes that's not enough, you will also be covered by first class customer support if you ever have a question.

Ready to make the switch?

Some things to think about before switching

Check your current contract, including any end dates and cancellation fees. You can do this by calling them, checking a previous statement or logging in to an online account. We recommend that you don’t cancel your current contract until Grain is installed, to ensure you are never without service.

Got a phone number you are attached to?

Port it over and keep it when you make the move to Grain. Remember not to cancel with your current provider until the number port is confirmed. Got a specific tech need like a Static IP? We can handle that for you too! Simply bolt one on to your package and away you go

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Tempted by a retention offer?

Sometimes your current provider throws a great deal at you, just to try to keep you. Ever question why they couldn’t do that when you were a loyal customer? If they do, remember to check the actual whole life cost of the contract. While you might get an offer for a couple of months, when you add in the in-contract price rises, you are often no better off.

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