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Whether you have a large home, several floors or walls blocking the signal, enjoy consistent wi-fi speeds with us

What is a wi-fi extender?

There are loads of things in your home that can mess with your wi-fi speed. Basically, everything between your router and your device can affect your signal. This means, the further you get from the router, the more obstacles get in the way and the slower your connection becomes.

Say goodbye to those sluggish connections with our wi-fi extender. This little gadget helps extend your wi-fi signal to those hard to reach corners of your home, so you can enjoy consistently fast speeds without thinking twice about unseen interferences – even when the rest of your household is online too!

What's messing with your wi-fi connection?

We often underestimate the sheer number of devices hogging our broadband, causing a squeeze on our bandwidth. Take a moment to count your devices, we are willing to bet it’s more than you think!

Of course, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are a given. But have you considered security cameras, smart thermostats, smart speakers, or even printers? All of these are putting a strain on your bandwidth and putting the breaks on your broadband.

Your options for wi-fi throughout your home

Rent an extender
Rent an extender

Add a wi-fi extender to your package to help boost the signal through your home, and rent it monthly from just £4.99pm.

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wi-fi , Static IP , Switching , Broadband Speeds , Broadband Speeds , Broadband Speeds ,
Buy an extender
Buy an extender

Boost your wi-fi throughout your home by buying a wi-fi extender as a one-off purchase, from just £59.99.

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