Getting installed

We provide a speedy, simple and safe installation service

When will you be installed?

When you sign-up or pre-order a broadband package, we'll make it clear if your home is ready for install or not. If our service is ready on your street, we'll call right away to arrange your installation. If you've pre-ordered and are sitting tight, we'll call you as soon as the network is ready. Remember, you'll pay nothing until your new Grain router is up and running!

What does our installation process look like?

Once signed up, a member of our team will be in touch to help organise your install and connect your home or business in a flash!

Book an install
No in-contract price rises

Once we’ve reviewed your property online and determined the best method of installing your new broadband connection, we’ll schedule your install at a time that works for you.

Engineer visit
Free router, install and setup

Our install engineers will attend your property and get straight to work fitting your home with its own dedicated fibre cable – direct to your Grain router.

Set-up & go
Moving New Build

When the engineer is finished, they’ll help you set-up a device to ensure your service is working, and they’ll tidy up after themselves!

Got questions?

What's the difference between 'live' and 'not live'?

If we’re live at your address, great news – we’ll be able to install your home or business straight away!

If we’re not quite live at your address, this means we’re working hard to make our service available to you. If you see a great offer available in your area, you can still pre-order our service and reserve the amazing deal until our network is ready. Then, we’ll get in touch to book your install.

Not sure if you’re live or not? Check your postcode!

When will my street go live?

We can only ever estimate a date for going live, as we work with a number of third parties to secure permission, carry out work and then complete the connection to the network. Rest assured, when you pre-order, we never charge any money until we do go live and you are connected, and your great value offer is always reserved until we confirm the go live date!

What if you can't do an online property inspection?

Don’t worry, some installations require more thought than others. An engineer will visit your property and conduct a survey to determine the best way to install your Grain broadband line. This ensures your new service is installed safely and securely.

Is my install free?

We provide a free standard installation, which normally involved installing the router at the front of your home. If you wish to have your router in a different place, we can normally accommodate this at an additional cost, which will be pre-agreed with you before the work takes place.

What if I need to cancel my install?

These things happen. Please let us know with more than 24 hours warning though, or we may charge you for a missed appointment. You can let us know on live chat or by calling or emailing us.

Do I need permission from my landlord?

If you are renting or living in shared accommodation, it’s always a good idea to speak to your landlord for approval first. Let them know that only minimal adjustments are required for us to install the property, and everything from cabling to router placement is professionally managed by our engineers.

Do I need to set-up the router?

Nope! Gone are the days of setting up your own router, we take care of that for you. Our slick router is packed with a powerful punch, and is mounted on your wall, out of the way.

Don't move your router

Remember, your broadband router has been professionally installed and shouldn't be removed unless a Grain employee has given you instructions to do so. Removing the router may cause problems, plus it's never a good idea to mess with live cables!

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