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What is VoIP?

VoIP or ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ is essentially a digital telephone service that allows you to use your broadband connection to make and receive calls.

At its simplest, it works like Facetime or Skype – allowing you to make telephone calls without needing to pay additional line rental. Compared to traditional phone lines, VoIP provides a reliable, crisp and clear sound, and is often cheaper depending on your needs. With a digital phone line, you can make the most out of your catch-ups with friends, while making the most out of your broadband!

Don’t worry! If you choose VoIP, you’ll be able to keep the same number you’ve had for years.

Unlimited landline

Our unlimited landline package lets you make as many landline calls to friends and family across the UK as you like!

Add to your broadband package today, for only £7 per month.

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Unlimited landline & mobile

Our unlimited landline and mobile package gives you a little extra, meaning you can call landline and mobile numbers to your heart’s content.

Add to your broadband package today, for only £15 per month.

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Why choose VoIP?

Reap the added benefits of a modern VoIP telephone service.

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Anytime calls: Calls of up to an hour to UK landlines beginning with 01, 02, 03 at any time (except calls to indirect access numbers (which include calling cards) and dial-up internet access). A fair usage policy applies.

Mobile calls: Calls to UK mobiles and 070 personal numbering services made at any time. Calls must be started and finished within these times to be inclusive (non-chargeable). A fair usage limit of 1000 minutes a month applies (if you exceed this limit, we have the right to charge you for further calls made, suspend and/or terminate your service in accordance with our terms and conditions). Some 07 numbers do not constitute mobile numbers and may not be included as part of an inclusive mobile package.

Please note that VoIP may not work in the event of a broadband outage or power outage.

If you rely on your phoneline as your only means of emergency contact, please consider this prior to signing up.

Grain operates a Fair Usage Policy. You can find further information here.

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