All the speed you need this festive season

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21st December 2023

Gearing up for even more tech in the house this Christmas?

From smart home devices to new gaming consoles, the more you have, the more speed you need. Delve into our top tips on how you can ensure that you are getting the maximum speeds that your broadband can offer. We know lightning-fast speeds are at the top of everyone’s wish list, but sometimes reality can fall short. But, there are a variety of factors that can impact this speed (probably more than you think)! 


Choose the best package for your needs 

Not sure which package speed you need? When considering a package, you should always think about the number of people in your home, and the number of devices. For busy households, we recommend our Hyperfast 500 or Gigafast 1000 packages. 

Share the speed around all your devices 

Did you know that an overload of connected devices can slow your broadband right down? And it’s likely you aren’t aware of half the devices linked to your broadband. Devices that you might not realise are connected can include smart home tech, speakers, appliances, lighting – the list goes on! Not only that, metal, brick and insulation can also impact the signal and slow down your broadband speeds. So the more speed you have, the more there is to share to each of your devices around your home.   

Optomise your in-home set-up 

Did you know that your broadband has two different types of GHz frequencies – 2.4GHz and 5 GHz?  

  • 2.4GHz is best used for better coverage and is more compatible with older devices, or devices that can manage lower frequency’s such as firesticks, smart bulbs and smart speakers 
  • 5 GHz is best for optimising the performance of newer devices, over a less congested network environment. Some device types that work well on this frequency are mobile phones, laptops, tablets and TV’s. 

Our Icotera routers support dual-band functionality, allowing your devices to connect to the most appropriate band based on the capability of your devices and your online needs. 

Old devices starting to slow down? 

Older devices can be less capable of utilising the full broadband package speed, due to outdated network compatibility, limited wi-fi standards, processing power, and operating system optimizations.  

If your device can’t support modern network technology, you may want to consider upgrading your device. Newer devices will be better equipped to take full advantage of a high-speed broadband connection. 


Interested in maximising your broadband speeds with Grain? Check your postcode to see if you’re eligible to get Grain Full Fibre broadband. Or, if you’re already with us, speak to one of our broadband experts today, and make sure you’re getting the very best broadband speeds.  

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