Celebrating International Women's Day.

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8th March 2024

Join us in celebrating women across the world this International Women’s Day! 

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, we take pride in honouring the remarkable women who contribute immensely to our company. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, we applaud our diverse team of talented women who break barriers and drive innovation in the world of Full Fibre.  

At Grain, we recognise and celebrate the invaluable contributions of our female employees who excel in various roles, from install engineers and designers to our sales and customer service representatives; they bring resilience, expertise, and passion to the table. 

The Full Fibre industry is often characterised by technical complexities and male-dominated environments. However, our female employees continue to challenge stereotypes and redefine norms. They are a beacon of inspiration for future generations of women aspiring to pursue careers in engineering and telecommunications. 

By creating an environment where all employees, regardless of gender, feel valued and empowered, we not only strengthen our company and drive success but also contribute to advancements in the Full Fibre industry as a whole. Looking at the future we remain dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace where women continue to thrive and lead the way in shaping the future of Full Fibre broadband technology. 

To all the women in the Full Fibre industry and beyond, we say thank you for your passion, talent, and perseverance. You inspire us all to reach greater heights and make a positive impact in the world. 

Happy International Women’s Day! 

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