Exclusive FREE fibre broadband summer sale

We are pleased to announce an exclusive fibre broadband promotion which will run throughout July.

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1st July 2024

If you sign up and get installed on the Grain network you will get three months of free Full Fibre broadband, alongside a discounted monthly price for the rest of the contract.

From today you can experience our broadband for even less. That’s high-speed, reliable broadband at no cost for three months!

We already provide reliable, affordable service to tens of thousands of customers across the UK. We’ve bypassed the outdated copper infrastructure in favour of our own Full Fibre network and can pass the savings on-to you.

Our futureproof technology ensures you receive unmatched speed and reliability. This makes it the best broadband for gaming, streaming and remote working. We’re delighted to offer you access to this service, with three months free on the July offer.

Key features of our free broadband sale include:

Three months of free service: If you sign up in July you will get three months free, plus, a discounted monthly price for the rest of the contract.

Equal upload & download speeds: Grain’s packages range from 150Mb to 900Mb up & down – vital for working from home, gaming and everyday online life.

Free expert installation: As standard, we provide a free router, installation and set-up, which also means no up-front costs when you sign up!

Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology: You get dedicated fibre direct to the router in your home, meaning you never share speeds with your neighbours.

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