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How do I get the advertised speeds?

Depending on the package you choose, you can experience between 30Mbps – 900Mbps. Remember, when you sign up to a package like Gigafast, although we set your router speeds to 1Gbps, some of the data is used to carry communications up and down the fibre, so 900Mbps is a more realistic router speed.

The speed advertised will be sent to your router and will be visible when you run a wired speed test. The speed you actually receive on any device or over wi-fi is based on a number of different factors and can vary greatly.

A number of speed tests are available online, but we recommend using to get an accurate measurement. Please ensure that the Grain server is selected. Speeds can vary depending on how many devices you have connected and whether they are performing background activities, therefore it is worth carrying out several tests, and taking the average of all of the results.


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