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How does it appear on my bank statement?

When you sign up to Grain, you will set up a direct debit mandate, which allows us to take payment in advance each month.

When we collect your monthly direct debit, some banks and building societies only show the payment on your account or statement as ‘GoCardless Ltd’, which is the secure payment system we currently use. Other banks or building societies will show ‘GoCardless Ltd-Grain Connect- XXXXX’.

To help identify the mandate, you can click on the direct debit and it should open saying it is linked to Grain Connect alongside your customer reference number.

Please note: Some other companies may also use the same system, so the title could appear on your statement more than once. It is worth checking with your bank if this is the case.

For more information on payments, from finding out how to make your monthly payment, to changing your billing date and making your first payment, get lots of helpful advice on paying your Grain Connect bill from our straightforward FAQ section. For more support, get in touch with our call centre.

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