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I have no connection to my router?

Grain wifi down: How to get back online

Disturbances to your broadband connection can be extremely frustrating, whether you’re streaming the latest episode of the series you’re binging, or if you’re on an important work call, no one appreciates being interrupted! If your Grain wifi is down, we’ve provided some helpful tips on getting back online below:

  1. Firstly, check if the router power light is on. If it’s green, the router is activated and working. If it’s not green, please check the power cable into the router and ensure it’s turned on at the wall socket. 
  2. Try an alternative socket if there’s still no power light displayed, and if the power light does appear, try to re-establish your connection from your device. If you are still having an issue, it may be that the router is not working. If you have done this and it still doesn’t light up then there may be an issue with the router.
  3. It’s also worth visiting the status checker to see if our service is facing wider issues, but if the connection is shown to be operational, then you’ll need to get in touch with us.

Grain wifi down and troubleshooting tips aren’t working?

If your Grain wifi is down and our troubleshooting tips haven’t been able to resolve the issue, it’s likely that the router isn’t working. In this situation, please contact us and our friendly UK based support team will be able to determine the next steps needed to get you back online.  

For more guidance on broadband issues, read more of our FAQs, with information on everything from setting up your wifi booster box to issues with poor wifi coverage and identifying what the lights on your router mean.

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