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What do the lights on my router mean?

On your Grain router, you will see 6 icons for different lights:

From the left:
  • Light 1 – This is unused and will never be on.
  • Light 2 – This is the most important light as it can indicate an issue with the fibre to your property:
    • If this light is solid red, this indicates an issue with the fibre to your property. This usually requires an engineer to attend, please get in touch if you see this light.
    • If the light is flashing red, this means there is a problem with your set-up, please get in touch so we can fix the problem.
    • If the light is solid green, this means your fibre connection is all working as expected.
  • Light 3 – This is the Phone 1 light and will only show as green when you have a line registered.
    • If the light is blinking slow, the phone is off the hook.
    • If the light is blinking fast, a call is in progress.
    • If the light is solid red, there is a registration issue and could mean the phone is not set-up correctly.
  • Light 4 – This is the Phone 2 light and will usually be off, as we typically only set-up one phone using Phone line 1.
  • Light 5 – This is the wi-fi light and displays the status of your wi-fi
    • If the light is solid green, your wi-fi is configured and ready to use.
    • If the light is flashing green/orange, your 5ghz wi-fi is configuring but you will still be able to connect your devices.
    • If the light is off, your wi-fi is not configured which usually means the router has been reset.
  • Light 6 – This is the TV light, which is not used by Grain and will therefore not be switched on.

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