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Will I see the same speeds over wi-fi?

Wi-fi currently cannot compete on speed and reliability with a hard-wired ethernet cable connection. Wi-fi speeds can be limited and only a single device may not be able to utilise the full wi-fi speeds, particularly on our higher speed packages. If your package supports it, and your device connects to the 5GHz channel, you should expect to see at least 100Mbps when connecting to wi-fi, but no more than 300Mbps. However, if you are on a package higher then your connection can support multiples of these speeds up to your service speed. This means if you are on our Gigafast package, you could have up to three devices connecting at maximum wi-fi speeds, all at once. For speeds over 300Mbps, and for maximum reliability, we’d recommend using one of the built-in Ethernet ports on the router to connect your device using a cable.

Speed tests run wirelessly will only show what that device is capable of, not what speed your broadband can provide. For the fastest possible speeds, we always recommend a wired connection using an Ethernet cable between the router and your device. This is because there is no interference on a wired connection. Any speed test needs to be run over a wired connection, with no other devices connected, so that we can get a true picture of your network.


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