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Will my service have a public IPv4 address?

Will I get a public IPv4 address with my Grain Connect package?

Due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses we are unable to provide each customer with a public IPv4 address. As such we utilise NAT technology to allow for a more efficient use of our IPv4 address range. This has no impact onto general internet activity, as the majority of internet communication occurs based on connections being started and requested from the home. 

This is a widely used method of service providers being able to continue to provide internet connectivity for their customers. This does however impact some services which customers may wish to operate and some customers may experience issues when wishing to host services on their service which requires connectivity requests to start from elsewhere on the internet inbound to a user. Examples can be some P2P applications, some VPNs (outbound VPN requests to offices should be unaffected), and some multi-user gaming where a user acts as the host. 

We are unfortunately not able to offer a public IPv4 address on our home broadband packages however if you would like to discuss our business packages with us please get in touch as some of these include the option of a public IPv4 address.

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