Grain goes live with Full Fibre broadband in Brighton

Exciting news Brighton! We’re now live with our gigabit Full Fibre broadband service.

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8th July 2024

We’re bringing the future of internet connectivity right to your doorstep. If you’re tired of high prices and poor service with your current provider, it’s time to switch to Grain.

Why choose Grain broadband?

Did you know that many Brighton residents pay more for their broadband than those in other parts of the country? We’re here to change that!

Our Full Fibre broadband deals offer an affordable, fast and reliable service. You could save up-to £283 on our gigafast package when compared to other providers.

Affordable fibre broadband prices

Say goodbye to overpriced broadband bills. With competitive pricing starting from only £10 per month and our Price Match Guarantee, we’re offering the best broadband deals in Brighton! Our Full Fibre packages deliver value for money without compromise!

Lightning-fast Full Fibre speeds

If speed is your priority, we’ve got you covered. Our Gigafast 1000 package offers symmetrical 900Mb upload and download speeds, so you can experience one of the fastest broadband speeds in Brighton.

We’re up-to 13x faster than the average internet speed in Brighton according to Ofcom – perfect for streaming, gaming, and connecting all your devices at the same time.

Full Fibre advantage

What sets Grain apart from other providers? Our commitment to Full Fibre broadband.

Unlike other providers that still use copper wires, our network uses only fibre optic cables to the router in your property, meaning you won’t share your connection with next door! Enjoy a reliable, powerful broadband connection every day.

How does Grain compare with other providers?

When choosing the best broadband in Brighton, the options might seem overwhelming. Grain stands out from the crowd as we own our network from end-to-end. This enables us to offer fibre broadband with unmatched value and performance. Although other providers are available in Brighton, their service comes at a premium price for often a lower quality service.

Check your postcode to see if you can sign-up to our new fibre broadband service for Brighton.

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