Millions of UK homes can now access speedier broadband

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26th April 2024

Can you get Gigafast Full Fibre broadband?

Are you one of the 24 million UK homes who can now access gigabit broadband?

According to Ofcom, 80% of UK homes can now access gigabit-capable broadband. 62% of homes can do this on a Full Fibre network, delivering an even faster and more reliable service.

We are proud to be able to provide a service to hundreds of thousands of homes up and down the UK, and if your home is one of the lucky ones that can access the Grain service, you can get speed, reliability AND a great value monthly price, too!

Thanks to our low-priced monthly packages, we can deliver Gigabit speeds (up to 1000Mb!) and save you money – we challenge you to find a price lower than ours! Even if you can, our Price Match Guarantee means we will match it for you.

The average UK broadband speed according to Ofcom is around 69Mb (less than half of Grain’s entry level Superfast 150 package) and disappointingly for consumers, the Government defines “decent broadband” as 1Mb upload and 10Mb download. This means that some UK residents are still trailing behind when it comes to broadband technology and continue to struggle with slow speeds.

Try your postcode in our postcode checker to see if Grain can offer you our Full Fibre broadband network, plus some amazing savings on your current monthly bill with another provider!

Source: Connected Nations Spring Update

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