Developers can play pivotal role in improving Scotland’s digital connectivity

IMPROVING digital infrastructure is key to the future success of the Scottish economy.

In bringing forward Aberdeen’s largest new “town” at Countesswells, we’ve installed ultrafast broadband. We believe that what we’ve done here should and could be replicated by other developers across Scotland and indeed should be a key consideration when planning new housing or mixed-use developments.

Residents and businesses at our new £800m community to the west of Aberdeen will have access to broadband that is 35 times faster than the UK average.

Countesswells is the first community in Scotland to have access to 1Gbps. This means that a 4k movie, which would typically take eight hours to download, will take just over 20 minutes.

Broadband connectivity is now a part of everyday life and one of the first things new home buyers ask for. Here, ultrafast digital connectivity was at the heart of designing the new community.

By installing the internal fibre network across the community, we are future-proofing to such an extent that households could have direct links with the services provided on site such as schools and health centres, enabling home consultations for example.

Businesses on-site will also benefit, whether it be to promote working from home or to attract businesses which rely on superfast connections to transfer huge amounts of data.

With our partner, Grain, we installed the best fibre network available along with the work on existing and new roads, which made it relatively cost-effective.

Countesswells signed an agreement for internet service provider Grain to provide hyperfast new build fibre to the site. SSE Enterprsie Telecomms was then appointed to support part of the roll-out with enough national fibre background. Grain’s fibre network is now ready and waiting the day residents and businesses move in, providing hyperfast broadband and a crystal clear fibre telephone connection.

Once fully set up at Countesswells, Grain could explore solutions for residents in other areas of Aberdeen to try to solve the broadband problems they are experiencing. Ultimately, our hyperfast broadband could be accessible right across the city.

Read the full article in The Herald Scotland here by Jim Fitzsimons, Director of special projects, Stewart Milne Group.

Also published at the Scottish Construction Now.

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