RHP Homes Get Gigabit New Build Fibre

London, December 2017 – Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) has appointed Grain to retrofit over 700 properties in South West London and deliver gigabit enabled full fibre broadband network to each home.

Grain will facilitate the delivery of CCTV and other communal systems to the properties which will allow RHP to increase their efficiency and service offering to their targeted levels.

The partnership with RHP will allow Grain to grow their London customer base in the social housing market further as well as ensure future opportunities to work on developments in the Richmond and Twickenham areas.

Grain is a statutory operator and will be doing the first onsite ground works during the first two months of the new year. The first properties to receive the true fibre service will be homes on the Edgar Road estate the aim is to get them live in early March.

Rich Robinson, Managing Director at Grain said: ”We believe this is a fantastic opportunity for both Grain and RHP, digital inclusion has a massive role to play in communities like these. Helping RHP connect with their residents and making it a safer place to live is a great opportunity. Our aim is to help RHP confirm their position as one of the most advanced and forward thinking housing associations in London and the UK.”

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