Is it time to leave the landline behind and switch to VoIP?

Landlines have been in our lives since the late 19th century making the world smaller, businesses bigger, and knowledge and news exchange faster.

However, there’s a new kid on the block these days, the VoIP technology (voice over Internet protocol) which started creeping in around 10 years ago, though invented in the 70s when it was used by the US defence.

Landlines are still prevalent in UK households, especially because most UK homes are connected to the Internet via copper telephone lines, also known as ADSL technology.

Adopting VoIP has many advantages outweighing some of the traditional landline capabilities which make both coexist in many households and businesses, at least for the time being.

Here’s a brief break down of what’s important to know when considering whether or not to upgrade to VoIP.

In terms of security, landline takes the lead. Because VoIP calls are transmitted over the internet, authorities and hackers could potentially access your conversations. However, VoIP providers are taking this issue to heart and continuously strengthening the encryptions to allow for a safe connection, free of eavesdropping.

In terms of convenience, VoIP offers access to your home number from anywhere you are as long as you’re connected to the Internet and provided you have downloaded the mobile app. In addition, VoIP offers call diversion, do not disturb function, caller ID, three-way calling, voicemail which can be accessed via email or online. In comparison, landlines have very limited abilities and usually would not offer much beyond answering machine service.

In terms of reliability, VoIP outshines landlines but only when the internet speed is fast, consistent and reliable. In poorly connected areas in the UK, or slower Internet speed, landlines take the lead –calls don’t depend on signal strength.

In terms of cost, VoIP is the unprecedented winner. Many VoIP providers offer free international calls in addition to more cost effective domestic call charges compared to landline. Depending on the provider, VoIP can be more than 40% cheaper than traditional landlines.

Currently VoIP’s adoption is higher in businesses compared to private homes. This is mainly due to the insufficient knowledge people generally have of the service as an alternative to their landlines.

It’s certainly a better option to consider if your home is connected to the Internet via fibre optic cables which support superfast and hyperfast Internet speeds and where the broadband connection is not dependent on the old telephone copper lines.

Here at Grain we offer VoIP phone line. Just plugin your normal phone and enjoy the benefits the connection offers. With Grain focusing on delivering new build fibre specifically.

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