Homeowner Satisfaction – A Deeper Dive

March is not usually a month to shout about, but it’s a big month for homebuilders across the UK. The National new home customer satisfaction survey is released, and developers are able to gain a bit of insight as to how their customers view their homes and wider developments.

This year has seen an increase in new homeowner satisfaction, with 87% of new homeowners stating that they would recommend their home builder to a friend, compared with overall falls in this statistic for the previous four years.

Taking back control

For the most part developers can control the quality of home they produce, from using the best available building materials, to installing high quality essential appliances. One of the areas which by design must be left to a third party are utilities, and in this case new build fibre. This is one area which can affect a developer score and in many cases is out of the developers control.

This is were Grain offer an element of control back to the developer. Grains commitment to be ready on day one which is achieved through smart network design, proactive project management and their backup technology means that a bad satisfaction survey due to a resident not having access to the internet could be a thing of the past.

Rob Searcy, Business Development at Grain, said: “During my time working at other telecoms providers, a major difficulty was being ready on time for every resident. It was made difficult by constantly evolving site requirements and often the inability to site new cabinets needed for certain plots. Grains network is built on a much simpler point to point basis which means a much smoother installation process. Grains project managers are also able to be proactive in their delivery of a site, making sure that any potential issues are met prior to them becoming one”

“It’s a great feeling to know that Grain see being ready on day one as one of their major focusses, I can genuinely make this promise to a developer knowing that it will be of the upmost importance to the team around me. It is not only of huge benefit to the developers I speak to, but a core component of Grains business model, so it won’t be changing any time soon!”

Room for improvement

The homeowner satisfaction survey has shown an improvement in the market this year, but it will be a challenge for developers to maintain this upward trend. In order to do this, it may mean taking a fresh look at some of the problems which have long been accepted. Telecoms provision has always been one of these areas, but with new players on the scene it certainly doesn’t have to remain that way.

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