Technology is changing the way we watch TV

Since Netflix first launched their streaming service to the UK in 2012 the internet has progressively changed the way the UK consumer watches television. Forecasts show that Netflix’s will have more subscribers than SKY’s satellite TV service by the end of 2019 with over 10 million customers. Amazons own streaming TV service has a subscription base of almost 4 million with NowTV clocking around 1.4 million subscribers there is a shift as the habits of UK consumers change.

With the help of a good broadband connection and a smart TV, consumers can access a range of viewing options – among othersFreeview play, NowTV, Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC Iplayer, ITV player and Youtube. By the end of 2019 Sky has committed to providing all their UK satellite TV content online through their NowTV and Sky Go platforms allowing everyone with a decent internet connection access to their full channel portfolio online without the need for a satellite dish. In 2018 42% of UK households owned smart tv’s and forecasts predict this is set to continue to 50% by the end of 2019. As Sky satellite TV subscriptions continue to fall there is a definite shift to more flexible TV streaming services. Our Technical team at Grain note that the bulk of the streaming traffic on Grain’s network is mainly from Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Video with each Grain customer streaming an average of 3.6 hours per day.

This month Ofcom reported the average UK broadband speeds had risen to 54.2 Mbps for downloads and 7.2 Mbps for uploads. As consumers continue to change their viewing habits and devices, developers and homebuilders have an opportunity to future proof new homes and give their customers access to true full fibre networks. On the Grain network we have seen an average per household data usage increase of 57GB per day over 1 year, a trend which is predicted to continue. At Grain, we are currently working with developers on sites all over the UK, specifically focusing on new build fibre (both rural and urban) providing homebuyers access to the most advanced gigabit fibre broadband network in the UK with symmetrical 1000 Mbps download and upload speeds.

If you’d like to future proof your development with hyperfast true fibre broadband and want to chat with one of the team, lets connect:

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