Fibre connection could boost the value of your home

With home working more common than ever in 2020, it is not surprising that a recent survey has found that homes which suffer from poor broadband can sell for almost £39,000 less than their true market value. And less surprisingly, 39% of respondents said they would not even consider purchasing a home with slow speeds.

Respondents to a survey carried out by Eutelsat commented that they would only be willing to purchase a home with poor broadband if it came with a 16% discount, which equates to £38,902 against the UK average house price.

With peoples working, living and social habits undergoing such a huge transformation in 2020, our Grain customers tell us that reliable, fast, fibre broadband is more important than ever to them and their families. Many households are running multiple devices at once throughout the day and into the evening, from online meetings to streaming TV shows and gaming virtually with friends.

While some people may expect that areas outside of the bigger cities suffer from poor broadband connectivity, here at Grain, we are working hard to connect thousands of new and existing homes with speeds of up to 1000Mbs upload and download. And unlike most fibre connections in the UK, the Grain network is true fibre, with every home having its own dedicated fibre connection all the way to the router inside the home.

Don’t let your broadband package hold back your life, or the potential of your property. Find out more about Grain fibre broadband here.

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