Proud to be part of the UK’s vision for full-fibre

Ofcom announced this week that new regulations will come into force to help deliver a full fibre future to more homes across the UK. With an ageing and over used copper network still in use in many part of the country by some broadband providers, consumers are not getting the service they need or deserve. Some of the key changes being brought in by Ofcom will:

  • drive competitive commercial investment
  • support the closure of the country’s 100-year-old copper network
  • protect consumers from high prices

This in turn should lead to around 70% of the UK properties having a choice of networks.

Richard Robinson, Managing Director at Grain said: “One thing the pandemic has reinforced is the need for reliable internet in homes up and down the country. Our customers are telling us that they use fibre broadband day in day out, for working, schooling, entertainment and gaming, as well as shopping, banking and staying in touch.

“Grain’s full fibre service meets these needs and we are pleased that Ofcom is supporting the drive for increased investment in full fibre to the home across all of our operating areas.

“The regulations encourage companies like Grain to provide a great service and challenge the larger providers, which in turn creates choice and value for customers.

“We have big plans and will continue our mission to bring speedy service and great value pricing to hundreds of thousands of homes.”

Read more about Ofcom and the Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review here.

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