Consumer rights champion ‘Which’ help decipher the need for speed

You can always rely on consumer rights champion ‘Which’ to tell the truth when it comes to the best interests of customers. Their recent article on broadband speeds was no different.

Broadband speeds, and how much speed is required, is a question we are often asked. Speed is great as it makes your online activities faster, but it also means more bandwidth to share around your devices too. Which agree that Full Fibre broadband is the way forward if you need a reliable service, and if you do any of these activities:

  • Use your broadband at the same time as other people in your home
  • Download films or large online files on a regular basis
  • Use online TV catch-up services from more than one device
  • Upload videos and other large files to the web
  • Play video games online
  • Use video-calling services, such as Skype
  • Live in an area where broadband speeds are low

For comparison, Which also outlines how the different speeds can impact your activities – it makes complete sense that the more speed you have, the better your performance when it comes to downloads.

If you take a Grain Hyperfast package at 500Mbps upload and download as an example, you too could experience these kinds of speeds:

  • Download one album in just 1 second
  • Upload 200 photos in just 3 seconds
  • Download one TV show in just 6 seconds
  • Download one film in just 14 seconds

With Full Fibre broadband now easily accessible and great value in comparison to standard broadband connections, it’s certainly worth looking at switching today. Check your postcode to see if Grain can bring service to you!

To find out more about which package is right for you, visit our package selector here.

Which is a not-for-profit organisation, championing the rights of the consumer, and providing advice on products and services. Visit for more information.

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