Ofcom acts on unfair price rises

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12th December 2023

We already pledge never to increase you price mid-contract, but the industry regulator now plans to clamp down on companies that do.

The broadband regulator OFCOM has today announced that it is planning to ban in-contract inflation linked price increases, putting a stop to some of the sharp practices that major national broadband providers use to mask the real cost of their service.

Unfortunately, this will come too late for customers already facing another round of price hikes in the new year. It also doesn’t offer protection to people signing up to new contracts with the other national providers today, leaving them exposed to a further series of price hikes.

We think this change should have been introduced immediately to protect consumers today.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is currently 4.6% and the Retail Price Index (RPI) is 6.1% and most other providers base their price rises on these figures each year. At these levels, customers with other providers can expect:

At a time when people are struggling with their bills, there is no excuse for pushing through such high increases. Although this is progress, we are also disappointed that it didn’t go further and ban in-contract price increases completely.

Here Grain, we strongly believe that the price you agree when you sign up for a contract should be the only price you pay for the duration of your contract term and it is why we have already promised to never increase prices during the contract term. We think this is how all operators should be treating their customers.

If you want to avoid another round of price increases, why not choose a broadband provider who gives you more for less? Sign up with Grain and start saving today!

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