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We’re connecting new build and existing homes to our Full Fibre broadband network across the UK. Fancy working with us?

Find out if you can get Grain’s reliable & speedy service.


    Our resilient network is made up of Point-to-Point full fibre, meaning less failure points than many, and back-up 4G connectivity. Better yet, the prompt and simple CAD designs are flexible and easily adaptable, because we understand how circumstances can change.


    We provide an independent, futureproof infrastructure, working to your timescales to guarantee we’re live on day one. Not to mention, we offer competitive rebates and build robust infrastructure with 1-way duct, fewer chambers, and a single cabinet. We have a track record of working alongside multi-utility solutions, and offer a variety of commercial options.


    With 71% of new residents taking the Grain service upon move-in, compared to the industry average of 25%, it’s clear our live on day one connection, no obligation free trial and no hidden cost approach is a customer favourite.

    Why choose Grain?

    Live on day 1+

    Pre-installed routers and a super easy set-up mean customers can get online from the moment they move in.

    Free trials

    We provide a 1 week free trial for each new build home, that customers can connect to quickly and easily.

    Quick design turnaround

    We produce fully integrated CAD designs within a one week period.

    Proactive Project Management

    Our dedicated PMs visit sites regularly to ensure a seamless design-to-build process.

    Open network

    Our open network provides an opportunity to support a variety of functions, including CCTV and building management systems.

    Independent infrastructure

    We’re able to control our own timescales and guarantee a live on day 1 connection.

    Energy efficient network

    Grain operates an avg. 70% more energy efficiently than other networks. With 50% less duct and 30% less chambers, we also have considerably less waste.

    Working in

    We work with high-rise, low-rise, private sale, PRS and everything in between!

    Our process

    1Submit your site or get in touch with our team for more info
    2We will send you a rebate proposal with a preliminary network design. If you decide to go with us, all you need to do is sign the proposal and wayleave for the site.
    3You will receive your free-issued materials for your civils team to install in the open trenches following NJUG.
    4Once each home is called-off, our fibre engineers will pre-install the fibre and a router in each home, ready for customers to use from the moment they move in.

    We also provide a complimentary connection to the early site office, sales suite and show home.

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    We are ISO 9001 accredited, meaning we adhere to quality management standards, increasing business efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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