Price rises for most people, but Grain has your back

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17th January 2024

We don’t do in-contract price rises here at Grain. But with inflation rates announced today, most other broadband users can now learn their expected annual price rise – and it’s not good reading!

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today announced the December 2023 Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate is 4%.

With most of the UK broadband providers putting up their prices each year in line with CPI, plus an additional percentage of around 4%, some broadband customers could be hit with price rises of around £40 over the next 12 months! Customers are right to feel frustrated by this, with the cost of living still biting.

These providers, including BT, Virgin, KCOM, TalkTalk, EE and Vodafone will normally start to communicate their increases now, and implement them from March or April 2024, and because they are contractual, customers within their fixed-term contract cannot defend themselves from these rises.

Our table below outlines the price rises companies are expected to hit their customers with:

Here at Grain, we don’t do in-contract price rises. The price you sign up for at the start of your contract is the price you pay throughout your contract. We believe in fair and transparent pricing, providing certainty for our customers and their monthly budget.

Customers across the UK saw huge double digit price increases on their broadband price last year, significantly above inflation, and it seems there is more coming this year. Many of the same customers who will be hit this year were already hit by price rises of around 15% last year, and there is no guarantee that customers won’t be faced with yet another price rise again in early 2025.

As a Full Fibre broadband provider committed to delivering high-quality service at an affordable price, we understand the concerns surrounding these increases and ensure that our customers can rest assured with our no-in-contract price rises…EVER!

According to Ofcom, more than seven million customers are outside of their fixed-term contract with their current provider, which makes it much easier to choose a new provider and make some big savings. With Uswitch claiming the UK average broadband cost is £26.90 per month, you can certainly find a much better deal with Grain.

Let us help you escape!

Check your postcode and find out if Grain can provide you with our Full Fibre broadband service. We are already confident we can provide a better broadband deal PLUS no more in-contract price rises enforced upon you.

If you are stuck in contract, you should still reach out and let us know your details. Then when your contract ends, we can let you know our best price and offer you a FREE standard install, FREE router and FREE expert tech set-up.

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