Proposals to end Full Fibre confusion

Do you know real Full-Fibre broadband from “fake” fibre claims?

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25th March 2023

Let’s take a closer look

It is not surprising that consumers are confused, when broadband providers throw around claims of having fibre broadband on offer, despite using older, part-copper networks.

We were pleased to read the recently announced proposals by telecoms regulator Ofcom, to prevent broadband providers from using the terms Fibre or Full Fibre, unless they can provide fibre-optic cables directly to the property. The proposal aims to end the confusion and help consumers to understand the product and service they are signing up for when looking at broadband providers marketing, websites and contracts.

Tracy Karam, Head of Sales and Marketing at Grain said: “We welcome the news, especially on the back of some of the statistics Ofcom have presented on the topic. For example, only 46% of broadband customers who reported being on Full Fibre broadband, actually live in an area where Full-Fibre is available.

“Here at Grain, we are proud to only offer Full Fibre broadband, with a dedicated fibre serving every individual property, so customers can access Gigabit speeds without sharing their line with their neighbours. Customers often tell us that they believed they had FTTP in the past, but later realised they were on a part-fibre and part-copper network.

“Reducing the use of the term Fibre so it is only used to describe a broadband connection that is delivered purely using Fibre to the Property (FTTP), will help consumers when making a choice on their provider, considering price, speed and reliability in today’s modern, tech-heavy households. We hope this will be implemented quickly, so that customers will no longer be misled about the product they are buying.”

Find out more about Ofcom and their proposals, click here to see their recent developments and releases. Want to know more about Grain’s network? Take a closer look.

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