Sky price rises announced

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9th February 2024

Sky broadband customers can expect price rises of around 6.7% this year!

Sky has announced this as an average rise across their products, which could mean that some customers are hit with more than this, depending on the services they signed up to.

Despite the cost of living still biting, Sky have chosen to add 6.7% to customers’ monthly bills. These rises are expected to kick in this Spring, on top of the price rises people are seeing across other bills. 

If you are a Sky customer, you may have the opportunity to leave penalty free – check your contract terms and conditions.  

If you are worried about losing out on the TV channels you love by leaving Sky, fear not! Most channels on Sky TV are available for free on smart TVs and those you need to pay for can be bought on Now TV for a lot less than the price you pay for Sky. 

Because these channels are either free or on a pay-as-you-go basis, unbundling can work out much cheaper! Speak to one of our broadband experts who can help assess your needs and the best package option for you! 

We already know that other providers such as BT, KCOM, TalkTalk, EE and Vodafone will be increasing prices by around 7.9% this year. 

Customers of these companies can expect their price rise notifications to start landing in inboxes and doormats through February and March, with the increases taking effect from March or April. 

Our table below outlines the price rises companies are expected to hit their customers with:  

Here at Grain, we don’t do in-contract price rises. The price you sign up for at the start of your contract is the price you pay throughout your contract. We believe in fair and transparent pricing, providing certainty for our customers and their monthly budget. 

Check your postcode and find out if Grain can provide you with our Full Fibre broadband service. We are already confident we can provide a better broadband deal PLUS no more in-contract price rises enforced upon you.  

If you are stuck in contract, you should still reach out and let us know your details. Then when your contract ends, we can let you know our best price and offer you a FREE standard install, FREE router and FREE expert tech set-up. 

Click here to learn more about Sky’s price rise announcement.

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