Spring clean your devices

Tech Tips
24th March 2023

No sponges required

As many of us are cleaning our homes inside and out, why not spring clean your digital spaces too?

If you’re guilty of keeping a cluttered device, it’s time for a spring clean to make it run smoother, improve your internet speeds and free up storage!

Tidy up your wireless connections

Who and what are on your home wi-fi? Do a check of who and what devices are connected to your home wi-fi and remove any that no longer need to be.

How many networks are your smart phones connected to? Each and every time you connect to a wi-fi network, it saves to your network settings list and, over time, can get really long.

You can quickly and easily clean up your network list by going to ‘wi-fi’ in settings, click edit in the top right corner, and remove any of the ‘known networks’ you no longer need!

Location, location, location

Your location may seem like a harmless piece of information… However, looking at the different places you visit regularly can personally identify you and your habits.

Why not check which apps are using your location? You might be surprised!

How do you fix it?

iPhone:Settings – Privacy – Location

Services – Manage location access on a

per-app basis

Android:Settings – Apps – Manage

location access on a per-app basis

App cleanse

When was the last time you cleared out your apps? Your social media, weather, games and betting apps may all be collecting your data, even when you’re not using them. Getting rid of them will not only stop random companies from collecting your data, it will also free up your phone memory and increase battery life. Not to mention – remember that game you bought in lockdown? You’re still paying for that.

iPhone: Press and hold the app and select

delete from the options.

Android: Settings – Apps – Select the app

you no longer use – Uninstall

(The way to cancel payments for paid apps may vary.)

Social awakening

This season, why not cut down on the highly curated content you’re exposing yourself to on your news feed? Let’s have a clear out and get back to staying connected and sharing happiness!

If you have accounts that make you feel bad about yourself on social media, don’t be afraid to delete, mute and unfollow, until you’ve built a feel-good platform that you’re happy being a part of.

Wipe down your device

Now that you’ve spring-cleaned the inside of your device, be sure to give the outside a wipe down too. Research found that viruses can linger on hard surfaces, from anywhere between a few hours and a few days! These can be picked up easily when using your devices on public transport, at the gym, in the bathroom or even in the kitchen.

Simply remove your phone from its case and give both your phone and the case a wipe down with a disinfectant wipe, before polishing with a dry cloth. Avoid anything too abrasive or heavy-duty, as these could damage your device.

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