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7th November 2023

All UK phone lines will be moving to digital by 2025!

With the old network of phonelines retiring, everybody in the UK will have to move to digital phonelines by 2025. Are you ready for the copper switch off?

Times are changing, technology has evolved and the old-fashioned copper lines used for broadband and phones cannot keep up with the demands of the modern world. Fibre-optic is the future and we are part of that change, delivering our Full Fibre service to homes up and down the UK.

But what does the change mean for your phoneline? It means better quality conversations with your nearest and dearest. With our VoIP technology, you can get crystal clear telephone calls on a digital line, which works directly alongside your Full Fibre broadband service.

Simply plug a compatible phone into your router, and away you go!

Ageing infrastructure means the time has come for change, but that doesn’t mean you need to change your phone number. When you switch to a VoIP phone service with Grain, you can keep your phone number and transfer it over, hassle free!

The best thing about a VoIP service with Grain is that it’s optional. Gone are the days of having to take line rental with your broadband, even without even intending to make a call. Many homes no longer wish or need to have a home telephone, preferring instead to use mobile phones, which can also be used over your wi-fi.

So, the choice is yours. Take a simple broadband package and use apps to stay in touch. Or, bolt-on a VoIP package to your broadband service and reap the benefits of a digital phoneline.

To find out more about our broadband packages and the bolt-on VoIP services available, click here.

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