Ofcom reports that the average upload speed is just 18.4Mb! Yikes!

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3rd November 2023

Ofcom reports that the average upload speed is just 18.4Mb! Yikes!

A report on UK Home Broadband Performance, recently published by OFCOM, reveals that consumers are still missing out on excellent upload speeds.

While the average download speeds have continued to increase, and are now 69.4Mb, which is an increase of 17%, consumers are still being let down by poor upload speeds. The average upload speed now sits at just 18.4Mb, an increase of 73%.

But why are upload speeds so important? Anybody who is into gaming, or uses real-time video communication, or those who share files online, will tell you just why upload matters!

That’s why here at Grain we provide EQUAL upload and download speeds. Check your current providers package….can they say the same? Ur packages start at 100Mb, which is more than five times faster than the UK average upload.

On top of this, with unlimited data, you can upload and download continually without hitting a cap on your data. Unlike Sky, BT and Virgin, you won’t reach a data limit with Grain.

Read on to see how poor upload speeds might impact you…..


Anybody who works from home will no doubt understand the frustration when it comes to Teams meetings or Zoom calls. We rely on them for work, so you need great upload speeds to make sure you don’t freeze frame your face in an awkward pose. There really is nothing worse! With great upload speeds, you can join your calls with multiple colleagues, without worrying about being “the one” who keeps having to log back in.

Sharing Files?

Every time you want to place a file on your employers SharePoint, or send photos by email, you are uploading data. Imagine not being able to upload that important file or document to meet your deadline because you have been failed by your upload? Facepalm. To make sure you can showcase your hard work, you need to make sure your upload is as fast as possible.


Ever been let down by lag, which slows down your game and costs you the victory AND the glory? Upload speeds are vital for serious gamers who are in it to win it. Slow speeds impact your latency and ping, which in simple terms is the time between taking an action and seeing the effect. Don’t be a loser – sort out your upload speeds.

To find out more about Grains broadband packages, with equal upload and download speeds, click here and check your postcode for availability.

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